10 Best Working ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites Alternatives In 2023

One of the top and second-largest torrenting websites on the internet in the past was ExtraTorrent. However, ExtraTorrent stopped operating in 2017, and since then, there have been either no or very few trustworthy ExtraTorrent proxy/mirror sites. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top ExtraTorrent alternatives in case you’re still seeking a replacement.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites: What Are They?

If you’re one of those who recently started utilizing torrent sites, you might wonder what these extra torrent proxy sites are and why they exist., Extratorrent. si,,, Extratorrent. cd,, Extratorrent. cc, extra torrent. eu,, Unblock123 Extratorrents, and more parent sites are replicas or mirror-like sites. Despite being a copy, they have every bit of the content that extra torrent did.

Why Utilise Proxy Sites for ExtraTorrents?

As was previously mentioned, ExtraTorrents is blocked in many countries and regions. If you cannot access ExtraTorrent, you can utilize these proxy and mirror sites as workarounds. You can use the ExtraTorrents Proxy sites to download videos, music, games, and TV episodes using the P2P file-sharing protocol. Fast torrent downloads are possible because of ExtraTorrents’ extensive database of magnet and torrent links and its active community of seeders, peers, and leechers.

To unblock ExtraTorrent, use the ExtraTorrents Proxy List 2023.

 You may easily access it with the help of these extra torrents proxy links, which are 100% functional. Try the other if one of these extra torrent proxies isn’t working. In addition, these proxy sites have been investigated thoroughly and found to be lawful in most countries. This weekly-updated list contains only active Extratorrent proxy servers.

Extratorrent Proxy 1 

Extratorrent Proxy 2

Extratorrent Proxy 3

Extratorrent Proxy 4

Extratorrent Proxy 5

These proxy websites host every torrent file and magnet link from the official ExtraTorrent website.

What Is The ExtraTorrent Proxy, And How Does It Unblock ExtraTorrents?

A proxy site operates as an intermediary between you and the actual website you want to see. An intermediate server sits between the client and the destination website. When you use Extratorrent with a proxy, your browser’s request to the mirror site goes through the proxy server first. An added layer of protection and privacy enables users to unblock


Are ExtraTorrents’ proxy and mirror sites subject to government bans?

We would rule this out as a feasible option because there is no connection between these sites and the downloader and server. If you cannot download the file, the server is to blame. Even a VPN won’t work to gain access to or download the files in this situation. In this case, your only option is to use another mirror site.

There are likely many more servers continuously delivering content, even if your authority was able to shut down a server after it was discovered. It should be noted that their functioning and speed will remain the same regarding data transmission.

Is it possible to use ExtraTorrent without a VPN?

Undoubtedly, one can. Several mirror and proxy sites are available to download the preferred file. There is a straightforward working process. You will always be taken to the homepage when you access the proxy site. Cloning, which is a straightforward technique that resembles duplicating the material of the original website, is what is involved.

These proxies all use a reliable technique for updating their links regularly. Try the other link if the first one doesn’t work. A notification “extratorrents unblock” will appear on the currently selected URL. Please do your homework before utilizing any torrent site, as some may compromise privacy.

Is torrenting legal?

“Is Torrenting Legal?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about downloading torrent files. In theory, it is. However, downloading copyrighted content and redistributing it is against the law.

The owner of the copyright may even file a lawsuit against you. This is considered to be pirated content. This implies it is entirely unlawful to use ExtraTorrents to download unauthorized content. That being said, torrenting is lawful if you distribute currently copyrighted content.


1. Demonoid


Demonoid is referred to as a BitTorrent tracker and one of our top alternatives to Extra Torrent. We are providing chances for free P2P file sharing. They offer an extensive collection of torrents to everyone, similar to Extratorrent.

2. YTS


YTS now provides some of the most significant and highest-quality streaming content compared to other torrenting websites. We strongly advise you to connect to VPN for your protection and at your discretion, even though the service has had some run-ins with the law and cases have been brought against them for hosting illegal content.

3. TorLock


Since TorLock is one of the most popular torrenting websites nowadays, it is also suggested on the top 5 list of ExtraTorrent substitutes. Its specialty is bringing together a vast selection of HD torrents with a friendly, enjoyable user experience. That says a lot considering that its platform hosts more than 4.8 million torrents. Because of this, look no further if you’re seeking the newest films, TV shows, music, cartoons, or anime!

4. is a more straightforward and more useful Extratorrent substitute. This torrenting website provides users a live, interactive forum and many other services. However, several security worries in recent years have diminished’s credibility. The website itself encourages VPN use for increased security. Before utilizing their website to download torrents, we advise you to establish a connection to VPN.

5. Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

One of the biggest and most established Torrent sites is The Pirate Bay. Given that it is the most similar to the service, it is also among the best ExtraTorrent substitutes. The PirateBay has approximately 30 million monthly users and offers a variety of HD films, TV episodes, and songs. Another advantage of selecting this ExtraTorrent replacement? One of the few torrent service providers with the most minor advertising is there.

However, you can utilize VPN to access PirateBay, as it isn’t accessible everywhere in the world. You may watch your favorite material without worrying about geo-restrictions or violating privacy.



RARBG is one of the most excellent ExtraTorrent alternatives out there, whether you’re looking for the movies, music, or readable content like eBooks that ExtraTorrent once offered. There are around 1 million torrents and 40 million monthly users! P2P sharing is conducted on this torrent site using the BitTorrent client. The fact that the service is unavailable in most nations is the sole drawback, though.

This might result from the stuff RARBG hosts, specifically its pirated content, violating copyright regulations. VPN urges you to connect to our servers to keep your privacy and security online, even if we in no way support breaking these laws or agree with pirated content.

7. 1337x


With over 30 million monthly users and a committed crew of uploaders, 1337x is consistently one of the top ExtraTorrent alternatives. Links to various types of music, games, films, TV shows, anime, and much more can be found here. You can always attempt the domain’s optional link by using “” if it’s occasionally blocked where you are.

8. LimeTorrents


Due to its user-friendly interface, is a fantastic website that even beginners can quickly understand. This ExtraTorrent substitute provides the most recent releases of films and TV shows in a variety of video quality, including CAM, 1080p, and 720p, to mention a few.

The most information about the torrent you want to download, including seeders, leeches, and other details, is provided by compared to the other Extratorrent Alternatives on our list. If there is ever a torrent site that just closed down, it makes one of the most significant choices outside of ExtraTorrent.

9. Sky torrents

Sky torrents

Skytorrents is a top-notch torrent website that offers magnet links for various content, including movies, TV shows, music, software, apps, ebooks, and much more. The unique feature of Skytorrents is that it gives its users access to full-length videos without any ads. The website supports multiple languages. Each file is classified according to its size, seeds, and peers. Users can upvote and downvote the torrent files they downloaded, allowing others to decide which torrent file is the best before downloading it.

10. IceFilms


IceFilms, one of the best websites for streaming films online, offers a large selection of the newest films and TV shows in HD. From anywhere around the world, you can visit this well-known movie website. You may easily choose the films you want on this website because they are arranged by genre. Without leaving this website, your needs are satisfied. You can watch new releases as soon as they are published on the website after being released in theatres.


These are some of the best ExtraTorrent proxy services worth checking out that will unblock the torrent website. Please share suggestions for the finest proxies and mirror sites in the comments below to unblock Extratorrents.


Is it legal to torrent?

The act of torrenting is entirely legal. However, in some parts of the world, sending or downloading content that is protected by copyright is prohibited.

Is a VPN necessary to access ExtraTorrent alternatives?

Torrenting frequently results in malware, viruses, ISP throttling, and other dangers on your device. To secure total online security when utilizing ExtraTorrent alternatives, it is crucial to use a VPN.

What qualities should a torrenting VPN have?

Always search for the following qualities in a premium torrenting VPN: P2P compatibility, geo-unblocking capability, no logs policy, anti-malware protection, and lightning-fast speeds. You can get all of this and more from FastestVPN! To utilize it with your preferred torrenting service, subscribe!

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